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  1. 67% off #iPhone App Programming for iOS7 – Create a real iOS app – $10

    Make iPhone apps using Xcode and iOS7. You can test your programming skills with code challenges in Objective C

    Beginner Level,  –   18.5 hours,  69 lectures 

    Average rating 4.4/5 (4.4 (16 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

    Course requirements:

    Mac OS X (10.9)
    Xcode 5
    PC (with

    Course description:

    Learn to create iPhone apps

    Follow along in Xcode 5 to turn your ideas into iPhone apps.
    Create iPhone apps with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, in this in-depth course taught by an expert instructor.

    This course features HD lectures and programming screencasts with large, clear text. Listen to crisp audio and follow Paul Solt’s instruction with demonstrations and on-screen pointer and highlighting.


    You will learn how to create an iPhone app interface using Xcode’s Interface Builder. Drag and drop buttons, labels, and images to create your first iPhone app. The interface designer is a great tool to learn for prototyping app ideas.

    Paul Solt will show you how to connect code and the user interface together along with the best practices and potential pitfalls. You’ll learn what to avoid, and how to solve problems that can crash an iPhone app.


    Interface design
    Responding to user input
    Displaying content
    Auto Layout and responsive design
    Lists using the UITableView
    Saving and loading data

    Read what my students have said

    “I really like this class. I would recommend it to anyone starting to learn iOS development, because not matter if you know or don’t know a programming language Paul explains things very clear. It’s a nice class to take.“ –Carlos King

    “I’m totally enjoying this course. Paul explains it all perfectly even I’m do not speak very good English. Do I recommend this class? YES!” –Miguel Arjona

    “Absolutely fantastic. It’s about time there was a high quality class available online to learn about iPhone app development. Definitely would recommend!” –Dot Fuz

    App Store

    If you want to learn how to program in Objective-C and how to design a real world app, you need to signup. You can make real money by selling the app design in this course!

    Full details
    Create a real iPhone app
    Design User Interfaces in Xcode 5
    Prototype ideas and create apps
    Learn Objective C
    Objective C programming experience is recommended
    Student should have a basic understanding of variables, functions, loops, and Objects


    “The course has a lot of great material including hands on demos and attachments. It doesn’t merit 5 stars because sometimes the instructor speaks and demonstrates too quickly. The teaching point can be missed as a result and the student is forced to watch 30 seconds, stop the lesson, copy what was done, restart the lesson, etc.” (Wayne Ostrowercha)

    “fine” (Alain Serge)

    “Paul is an excellent teacher. He makes very easy to learn what he teaches.” (Kemal Oztay)



    About Instructor:

    Paul Solt

    Howdy, I’m Paul! I have a master’s degree in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology and I used to work for Apple.
    After working at Apple, I decided that I wanted more freedom. I started my own app company and followed the money (you can too!). Instead of reporting to a boss – I set my own hours and enjoy my work.
    I’m passionate about teaching around the world – most recently I taught high school kids in Athens, Greece how to make iPhone games (technology skills have their perks!). People all over the world use my courses to jump-start their careers into iPhone apps.
    You wouldn’t believe the opportunities, freedom, and jobs that iOS development opens to you. Sign up and find out for yourself why so many people are taking my iPhone app courses.
    I believe my courses provide the most complete and comprehensive background for any beginner or experienced developer. If you don’t agree I will happily refund your money.
    Sign up for the Swift and iOS 8 Apps in 31 Days course and join me on an amazing adventure to the App Store.

    Instructor Other Courses:

    Swift and iOS8 Apps in 31 Days: Build 16 iPhone apps Paul Solt, iPhone App Expert (128) $10 $30
    Harness iPhone Touch Gesture Input for Games or Apps in iOS7
    Design Grid Layouts for iPhone apps using Collection Views
    Paul Solt coupons
    Development course coupon
    Udemy Development course coupon
    Mobile Apps course coupon
    Udemy Mobile Apps course coupon
    iPhone App Programming for iOS7 – Create a real iOS app
    iPhone App Programming for iOS7 – Create a real iOS app course coupon
    iPhone App Programming for iOS7 – Create a real iOS app coupon

  2. 67% off #First Steps On Java Programming Language – $10

    Learn Java programming language from the beginning with step by step and line by line code descriptions. Learn it easily

    All Levels,  –   1.5 hours,  25 lectures 

    Average rating 4.6/5 (4.6 (19 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

    Course requirements:

    You do NOT need to know anything to start this course. You don’t need to have any programming background.
    You do NOT need to have any documents to start this course. Since we designed this course for everyone who want to learn Java programming language, we started from the point of “What is language?” and “What is programming language?”. And we provided all documents that you’ll need.
    You do NOT need to have any software to start this course. In our training videos, we explained downloading and installing required software that you’ll need while coding.

    Course description:

    Welcome to “First Steps On Java Programming Language”!!

    IMPORTANT : This course is the first part of our complete Java course named “Step By Step Java Programming Complete Course”



    >> A special gift is published for you! You can find it in “Bonus Documents” section!!


    What makes First Steps On Java Programming Language course different?

    Every line of code is described step-by-step in each video.
    The subject is told in a clear and simple way.
    Step By Step Java Programming Complete Course has 1280 x 720 HD quality videos with zoom-in/zoom-out, sketch motions, animations and subtitles!!
    We worked with 28-year-experienced voice over professional to dub our videos in his professional recording studio (It’s very important for us to be understandable for you)
    When you buy this Java course, you will get all of the source codes that’s developed in training videos!!!
    Although the videos start from scratch and contain every detail needed, each video is 5 minutes long in average.
    This course is different, because it is important for us to be available every time you need support in your learning experience with our course. You can e-mail us for any questions or comments on the course subject, we will reply you quickly.
    We use Eclipse IDE while coding,
    You can use the videos not only for learning, but also as a reference guide at any time you need.
    First Steps On Java Programming Language is prepared for you to solve frequently encountered problems without losing any time.

    We designed this course for you to start learning Java programming language when you don’t know anything about programming.

    If you want to take this course, you don’t need to know anything about programming, you don’t need to have any experience on programming. This course starts from the point of explaining “what is language?”, and “what is programming language?”. We tried to explain every topic starting from a complete beginner’s level.

    What you will be able to do after completing this course?

    You’ll be able to write your own Java programs
    You’ll have really good programming background. When you need to learn something new, your background is very important to learn it easily and quickly. This course is one of the best way to get a strong background quickly.


    Step By Step Java Programming Complete Course contains:

    Totally about more than 190 HD training videos,
    More than 50 downloadable documents
    More than 20 quizzes
    More than 20 “Do it yourself exercises”
    Special discount coupons for our future courses
    Full source code archive
    High-quality training support

    And this course is the first part of this complete Java course.


    If you need help about our courses please contact with our premium support via email.

    We wish our lectures will be helpful to you and your career.

    Good luck, and have fun coding!! 🙂

    Full details
    Write your own Java programs!
    Download and install Java on your computer, download your coding platform and start working on them
    Have a good programming background!
    Everyone who wants to learn the Java programming language


    “step by step well designed course instruction” (Eugene Lee)

    “clear information and vivid use of powerpoints make learning interesting” (Joshua Speshock)

    “Thus far, it has been easy for me to understand and I have no programming experience. Bravo!! I like the way it really started from the very beginning, assuming you know nothing about entering the code, as I did not!” (Vicki Landreth)



    About Instructor:

    AKINCI Training

    Since its establishment in 2015, AKINCI Training has focused on e-learning, consultancy, software development, web programming and design with its experts who have more than 8 years of professional experience.
    AKINCI Training’s vision is to become a solution-oriented and reliable global company with highest customer satisfaction.
    AKINCI Training has expertise mainly on software engineering, Java and Java Technologies training. Most of these courses were given to large-scale companies and multinational corporations.
    AKINCI Training has experienced computer engineers that have worked on large-scaled software development projects at least 8 years, and now gives courses on:
    – Java Programming Language (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Level)
    – Java Design Patterns
    – Java 2 Enterprise Edition (including nTier Architecture, Servlets, EJB(Enterprise Java Beans), JTA(Java Transaction API), JDBC, JAXP-SAX, JAXP-DOM)
    – Hibernate with MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server Express Edition and Oracle Databases,
    – Spring Framework
    – UML(Unified Modeling Language)
    – JSP(JavaServer Pages)
    – JSF(JavaServer Faces)
    to share their experiences.
    In AKINCI Training, the only important thing is you, and your success. And all of our training videos designed for it.
    Please send message to us for further information.

    Instructor Other Courses:

    Learn Java Operators And Arithmetic Operations From Scratch AKINCI Training, High Quality Java and Java-Based Technology Courses (2) $10 $30
    Learn Java Data Types And Variables From Scratch
    Step By Step Java Programming Complete Course
    AKINCI Training coupons
    Development course coupon
    Udemy Development course coupon
    Programming Languages course coupon
    Udemy Programming Languages course coupon
    First Steps On Java Programming Language
    First Steps On Java Programming Language course coupon
    First Steps On Java Programming Language coupon

  3. 67% off #Swift 3 – Master Swift Development From Scratch – $10

    Go from beginner to an expert Swift Programmer in 4 weeks. Then learn building iOS10 Apps or Server Side Swift Apps.

    All Levels,  –   6.5 hours,  63 lectures 

    Average rating 4.3/5 (4.3 (86 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

    Course requirements:

    You do not need any prior programming experience for this course. You just need a computer with MacOS, Linux or Windows installed.

    Course description:

    The most comprehensive course on Swift 3.

    The numbers speak for themselves.

    Over 2000 people in about 100 countries have enrolled in this course in just 5 days and are becoming great at Swift Programming.

    Course 5 star Reviews: 

    Good, clear explanations of Swift in small, manageable chunks, which makes it easy for study and review. Five stars! : Paul Denlinger

    This is an amazing course for learning how to develop in Swift. Nikant is a great teacher who makes complex concepts easy to understand. : Jigar

    The course has helped me to learn quickly and grow my skills. Nikant does an outstanding job teaching this course. Well organised, easy to follow.I highly recommend taking this. : Anurag

    Swift is being hailed as the future of iOS, Mac and server side development. The meteoric rise in the popularity of this language since its open source release in 2014 has been unheard of in world of programming languages. Swift not only runs on Apple platforms but has been released for Linux which makes it a great candidate to become the Server Side language of the future.

    It’s a great time to learn Swift. The language offers the performance of the compiled languages like C, C++ along with the expressiveness of a scripting language like Python, Ruby which makes it a fun language to learn for beginners as well as experienced programmers.

    In this course you will learn the Swift Programming language from scratch beginning from the basics like Data Types, Loops going up to the advanced features like Protocols and Generics. The course has been designed keeping in mind that it caters to the audience with no prior programming experience as well as experienced programmers who want to learn Swift.

    The curriculum offers a lot of fun lectures, exercises and quizzes that will help you to practice the content as you progress through this course.  You will deep dive into a lot of paradigms like Object Oriented Programming and Functional Programming which will solidify your understanding of other languages as well. We will also focus on the best practices to write Swift code so that after this course you become confident in producing good quality code.

    As the Swift language is constantly evolving, I will keep on adding and refreshing course content so that you stay in line with the future developments of Swift. 

    Swift has been developed by some really intelligent minds in Apple keeping the future in mind. This course will make it very easy for you to learn Swift whether you are an experienced programmer or a complete newbie. This will open a world of opportunities for you whether you decide to learn iOS app development after this or go into server side development with Swift.

    Full details
    6.5 hours of Full HD video material divided into 65 downloadable lectures
    Ability to write and understand good quality Swift code
    Transition into a career in iOS App Development or Server Side Swift Development
    Become confident about Object Oriented Programming and Functional Programming Paradigms
    Become the coder who understands Swift better than everyone else

    Full details
    This course is great for beginners who want to learn Swift Programming from scratch step by step.
    The course is also meant for experienced programmers who want to add Swift to list of their skills
    Objective C Programmers can take this course to transition to Swift for iOS App Development


    “Very well explained and covered all the topics,I am enjoying this course.” (Jwalit Patel)

    “So far, easy to understand, building towards learning really good fundamentals of programming in Swift.” (Kyle Savage)

    “For complete beginner it is very easy to understand. For Intermediate programmer like who knew objective-c expects more in depth information about every typical topics like closures, generics , error handling, extensions and etc. It will be great if you could explain even basic features of swift like switch statements, which got lot advanced features in swift compared to other programming languages. If you can tap on advanced features swift providing for the basic programming concepts like if statements, switch statements (conditional comparison with where clause and all), loops and etc, it will be amazing. This is my honest feedback. Overall this course is very clear and easy to understand and learn swift. Thank you Nikant. Keep up your good work.” (Balaji Vadlamani)



    About Instructor:

    Nikant Vohra

    I have been involved in developing software for close to a decade now. I have three years of experience with professional iOS development and have contributed to the development of a number of quality apps that are used by millions of people around the world.
    I have been a part of some great companies like PayPal and Google in the past. I have development experience in a number of languages like Swift, Objective-C, Java and Python. I have always enjoyed teaching and have taught programming at a number of bootcamps across my city.
    I follow a unique and fun way of teaching that  help my students to grasp the fundamentals of programming and jumpstart their careers. I  have written various technical tutorials on my blog and Quora that have been viewed by millions of people around the world.

    Instructor Other Courses:

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    Development course coupon
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    Programming Languages course coupon
    Udemy Programming Languages course coupon
    Swift 3 – Master Swift Development From Scratch
    Swift 3 – Master Swift Development From Scratch course coupon
    Swift 3 – Master Swift Development From Scratch coupon

  4. 67% off #JSON with Java APIs, jQuery and REST Web Services – $10

    Learn and understand JSON AJAX with JQuery and Java APIs such as Jackson and REST Web Services with Apache Jersey

    Beginner Level,  –   6 hours,  41 lectures 

    Average rating 4.0/5 (4.0 (45 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

    Course requirements:

    Basic knowledge of HTML and eagerness to learn JSON

    Course description:

    Welcome to JSON with Java APIs, jQuery and REST udemy course.
    After attending this useful and practical course, you are going to learn how to develop web-based applications with JSON, jQuery and RESTful Web Services.

    ***Live JSON samples are coded from scratch***  
    ***Your questions will be answered within 24 hours***
    ***Source codes of the sample applications are included***

    The following technologies are explained with examples; JSON, Jackson JSON API, jQuery(AJAX), Apache Jersey REST and Eclipse

    The benefits of attending this udemy course are listed like as below;

    You will learn the latest parsing technologies for JSON data format

    Learn how to send AJAX request to application server
    You will learn how to send and receive JSON data along with jQuery and REST

    Learn how to download and configure Apache Tomcat 8 in order to test REST services

    Learn how to import Eclipse based projects into Eclipse Workspace
    You will learn how to download and install Java JDK 8
    Learn how to add jar dependencies to projects using Apache Maven build tool and pom xml

    We will only use FREE Open Source Software tools during the development of components in this course.

    Please feel free to ask me questions regarding the lectures if you attend this udemy course. I will try to answer your questions as soon as possible. 
    HD quality (full screen) recorded course content and you will be able to see the source code clearly (HD format) if you attend this udemy course as a student.

    Full details
    Learn the benefits and advantages of using JSON
    Learn how to create dynamic content on web pages with JSON and JQuery
    Learn the differences between XML and JSON data formats
    Learn how to integrate JSON with JQuery
    Learn how to develop rich client applications using JSON and JQuery
    Learn how to use AJAX in order to send and receive JSON
    Understand the structure of JSON and data types
    Learn how to send and get JSON data with REST
    Learn how to configure RESTful web services with Apache Jersey

    Full details
    Front-end and Back-end developers interested in learning JSON Data Exchange format
    Anyone you wants to learn JSON and display data on WEB browsers
    Developers interested in learning JSON with Java and JQuery
    University Students planning to develop projects using JSON
    Developers interested in parsing JSON files
    Developers interested in mapping JSON files to JAVA objects

    Full details


    “Great topic, great course, great presentation! Just what i was looking for. And if you have problems, Tuna is ready to help.” (Nebojsa Maric)

    “I did not find this “course” useful or practical. The title suggests coverage of AJAX and REST services but very little time was spent on these topics. I would label this series of videos: “A Sampling of JSON Usages”. All that was really presented was a series of examples of what JSON looks like and how to manipulate JSON with Java/Javascript libraries. The examples were very rudimentary and inapplicable to real-world scenarios. This “course” could have been a lot more useful if a practical application were presented. In addition, some explanation of concepts, rather than a “watch me type code” approach, would have given it some instructional value. The lectures were also somewhat irritating as he seemed to say the phrase “for example” a thousand times, many of them inappropriately. The production values were decent with clear audio and good screen capture. I paid for this “course” at a deep discount but I don’t feel it was worth paying anything for. All in all, I would not recommend it as it had little to no instructional value.” (BD Morgan)

    “This lecture has so many different aspects covered, not only for JSON Jackson but also bits on Maven, REST services, jquery, etc. which helps put every piece in place for greater overall learning and understanding.” (Japs)



    About Instructor:

    Tuna Tore

    Tuna Tore is an experienced IT Consultant, Lead Java Developer and Instructor. He graduated as a Computer Engineer and got his MSc degree in Information Technology. He is also Certified Core Spring Professional. Tuna has more than 6 years of commercial experience using Spring Framework and other open source frameworks. Until now, he worked mainly in IT and Financial institutions such as ING Bank and IBM. Currently, he works as an IT Consultant in one of the biggest IT consultancy company in Europe. He is also SUN Certified Java Programmer, SUN Certified Web Component Developer and c-sap Certified Secure Application Programmer.
    He has the knowledge and experience in the following areas;
    Core Java Programming
    Open Source Frameworks (Spring, Hibernate and JSF )
    Java Enterprise Development
    Java Architecture
    System Integration
    Software Development Life-cycle
    Java Component&Module Development
    Bug Fixing&Refactoring

    Instructor Other Courses:

    Java Spring Framework 4 with Spring Data JPA and Hibernate Tuna Tore, Consultant, Lead Java Developer, Blogger and Instructor (103) $10 $45
    Java Spring MVC Framework with AngularJS by Google and HTML5
    Java Spring Framework 4 and Spring Certification
    Tuna Tore coupons
    Development course coupon
    Udemy Development course coupon
    Web Development course coupon
    Udemy Web Development course coupon
    JSON with Java APIs, jQuery and REST Web Services
    JSON with Java APIs, jQuery and REST Web Services course coupon
    JSON with Java APIs, jQuery and REST Web Services coupon

  5. 67% off #Fun with Java! Build Three Desktop & Android Mobile Apps! – $10

    Learn to build Java desktop apps and Android mobile apps step-by-step from a master teacher! For PC, Linux & Mac!

    All Levels,  –   10.5 hours,  98 lectures 

    Average rating 5.0/5 (5.0 (3 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

    Course requirements:

    All you need is a computer (PC, Mac or Linux).
    You’ll download and install (FREE!) Java and Android with step-by-step instructions in Section 1.
    If you can use a text editor (Word/Notepad), you can program in Java!
    No programming experience needed.

    Course description:

    ★★★★★ Learn to program in Java by building fun, interactive desktop and mobile apps! ★★★★★ 

    Learn coding in Java step-by-step from Computer Science Professor Dr. Bryson Payne, author of the Amazon #1 New Release and Top 10 Best Seller in Children’s Programming Books, Teach Your Kids to Code (2015, now translated into six languages)! Dr. Payne’s second book, Fun with Java!, will be released in late spring 2017, but you can start coding Java and Android apps TODAY! In this course, you’ll learn to:

    Build Java desktop apps, both text-based and with beautiful GUI windows!
    Create native Android mobile apps, using most of the same Java code, for Android phones and tablets.
    Design and code playable games and apps starting from scratch, and share them with your friends, or with the world!
    Program a colorful, animated, multi-touch drawing app (and two other apps) on your Android phone or tablet by the end of the course!
    Learn important programming concepts like variables, loops, functions and object-oriented programming while having fun along the way!

    You can learn the #1 Programming Language in the World!

    Over 3 Billion Devices run Java, from PC/Mac/Linux to Android devices to TVs, watches, Blu-ray players and more! Fun with Java brings the power of Java and Android programming into your hands, with easy-to-follow videos, crystal-clear audio, and line-by-line code explanations as you build fun, playable apps that you can share!

    Everything you need to get started right away

    Complete with working code downloads and high-definition videos, you’ll be able to work alongside a professor with 19 years’ teaching experience and over 30 years of programming knowledge. You’ll also receive a Certificate of Completion upon finishing the course.

    No Risk: Preview videos from Sections 1, 2, and 4 now for FREE, and enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee when you enroll – zero risk, unlimited payoff! And, we’ve made this course easy to afford at just $30! Enroll now!

    Enroll now and get started coding in Java + Android today!

    Full details
    Code your own desktop and mobile apps in Java and Android.
    Create fun, playable, interactive apps like the animated, multi-touch BubbleDraw app, a Secret Messages app, and a Guessing Game!
    Master variables, loops, functions, and object-oriented programming concepts in a fun way with Java!
    Perfect for beginners, or for programmers of other languages who want to learn Java and Android.
    Middle-school to College and Adult learners will create their own apps in minutes!
    Intermediate Java programmers who want to begin coding Android mobile apps!
    Anyone who wants to advance in their career or jump into programming and mobile development.


    “outstanding instructor please do intermediate courses” (Susan Grasso)

    “” ()

    “” ()



    About Instructor:

    Dr. Bryson Payne

    Dr. Bryson Payne is the author of the Amazon #1 New Release and Top 10 Best Selling children’s programming book, Teach Your Kids to Code: A parent-friendly guide to Python programming, (2015 – third printing, translated into six languages) and the forthcoming book, Fun with Java (2017), both from No Starch Press. He is a tenured full Professor of Computer Science at the University of North Georgia, and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). Dr. Payne is also the Director of the Center for Cyber Operations Education at UNG.
    Dr. Payne has taught computer science since 1998 and served as the University’s first Department Head of Computer Science. He earned his Ph.D. in computer science from Georgia State University and has published articles in scholarly and industry journals, in addition to speaking regularly at regional and international conferences in computer science, cybersecurity and IT leadership. He has been featured in CIO magazine, Campus Technology, and the Wall Street Journal.
    Dr. Payne has been programming computers for over 30 years; he sold his first paid program to RUN Magazine (Commodore 64) for their “Magic” column in 1985, for $10. In addition to his affinity for technology, Dr. Payne speaks Spanish and French, and is conversational in Russian and Mandarin Chinese.
    He lives north of Atlanta, Georgia (USA) with his lovely wife Bev, two sons, Alex and Max, and three Bengal cats, Leo, Rocky and Pixel.

    Instructor Other Courses:

    Teach Your Kids to Code: Learn Python Programming at Any Age Dr. Bryson Payne, Best-Selling Author & Professor w/students in 135 countries (188) $10 $30

    Dr. Bryson Payne coupons
    Development course coupon
    Udemy Development course coupon
    Programming Languages course coupon
    Udemy Programming Languages course coupon
    Fun with Java! Build Three Desktop & Android Mobile Apps!
    Fun with Java! Build Three Desktop & Android Mobile Apps! course coupon
    Fun with Java! Build Three Desktop & Android Mobile Apps! coupon

  6. 67% off #Web Development Tools the Pros Use: Code Productivity Hacks – $10

    Take your web development skills to the next level. Beyond the basics, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade from a pro.

    Beginner Level,  –   4 hours,  39 lectures 

    Average rating 3.9/5 (3.9 (11 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

    Course requirements:

    You can start this course with what you are using now and decide after seeing the tools explained what is right for you.

    Course description:

    “Is there anyone so wise as to learn by the experience of others?” – Voltaire

    Basic front end web development isn’t terribly hard to learn. It can be tricky to remember all the things you learn, but after you get comfortable with the code, what comes next? Many developers spend time optimizing code and trying to make it perform better. A lot of time is spent making things work, simplifying functions, making things faster and eliminating confusion. Most developers miss one of the most important parts of development. Optimizing YOURSELF as a coder.

    Many companies wish they knew what would make their developers happier and more productive. Putting in place agile software development methodologies helps a lot, but what about beyond that? Is there anything you can do as an ambitious developer to wipe the floor with the competition? Yes, there is.

    There are many developers making 6 figures in web development today. This doesn’t happen over night, and we’ve never heard of a get-rich-quick scheme in web development, but given enough time and best practices, it is definitely possible. It takes skill, talent, ambition, but it also takes speed and efficiency. It takes building upon the shoulders of giants, people who have already done what you’re trying to do, and doing it better. Finding a better way is what makes programming fun and challenging. Gladly, making use of these resources and becoming one of the best developers out there is largely free, enjoyable, and is only a matter of time. If you have the passion to get there.

    Whether you’re fresh out of one of Udemy’s best intro to web development courses, or have been doing it for a while, you can always take it to the next level. Inside this HD video course, you’ll find the tools to do just that.

    I am so excited that you’re looking at what it takes to become a top web developer and advance your skills. I will get right to the point. Inside this course, you will learn:

    The difference between “front end” and “back end” web development.
    Why Google is a developer’s best friend, even though it seems so simple.
    The best place to find programming answers from the top developers
    How to talk directly to the developers who invented the open source libraries you’re using, live in real time
    How communication is critical in day-to-day operations and growing quickly as a developer
    How social media is a powerful tool in getting information, connecting with the industry and staying on the cutting edge of your field
    How to use annotated screenshots to eliminate misunderstanding and make your point visually
    What javascript frameworks you must know and some that just make things simpler, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every day
    Discover a handful of chrome tools that make you more productive and less frustrated
    Find out how Twitter’s bootstrap framework can make your own prototypes and projects look great with no design experience
    The best way to get free sharp icons that load fast to use in any new or existing web project. They scale well too, even on mobile devices
    What tools to use to optimize and monitor servers and applications from Yahoo and others.
    How to test Internet Explorer natively (even old ones) with free tools from Microsoft
    Productivity hacks and personal shortcuts I currently use as a professional developer

    We cover all this and a lot more inside, and will be expanding content to cover new topics in the near future. We are most interested in adding content that you specifically request, because we find it provides the most value to you. Simply let us know and we’ll make new videos on the subject you want to know about if we can.

    More than 4 hours of video on leveling up your skills as a programmer, you’ll have access to the course discussions, where other students ask questions and instructors answer, usually in a matter of hours to help you with anything that doesn’t make sense or to provide more information on anything related to the cour


    “Useful tools!” (Artem Bykov)

    “” ()

    “” ()



    About Instructor:

    Ryan Carter

    I’ve been playing with technology since I was a kid. At 13 I was building websites by hand in HTML and Frontpage 98 (which is how I learned what not to do). Since then I’ve been a computer addict and web programmer. I was programming Alpha3 databases on an old green monochrome IBM years before, but at the time I didn’t know THAT was programming.
    I’ve always been an avid reader and insatiable learner, I started rearranging bits and bytes to make the computer behave the way I wanted as a kid and have always had a knack for explaining complex things in simple language. I like to help anyone I can in my area of expertise.
    I’ve been developing for the web professionally for 20+ years and I am currently a Sr. Software Engineer for a major telecom company. I specialize in front end web development with a current focus on Angular, Node, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, SASS, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, WordPress, Drupal. I have experience in the LAMP stack, Node stack, Ruby on Rails stack, C# ASP DOTNET and many others.
    If you ever need help, I personally answer all discussions as soon as possible and all comments on my YouTube channel as well. I am here to help with your technology learning so anytime I can assist you, please contact me. Thanks!

    Instructor Other Courses:

    Never Lose Photos Again: Cloud Sync w/ Dropbox & OneDrive Ryan Carter, Sr. Software Engineer, YouTuber, Nerdlinger, Father of 5 (7) $10 $20
    Minecraft 101: Learn to Play, Craft, Build, & Save the Day
    Save on a Computer: Run Windows, Mac, & Linux w/ VirtualBox
    Ryan Carter coupons
    Development course coupon
    Udemy Development course coupon
    Web Development course coupon
    Udemy Web Development course coupon
    Web Development Tools the Pros Use: Code Productivity Hacks
    Web Development Tools the Pros Use: Code Productivity Hacks course coupon
    Web Development Tools the Pros Use: Code Productivity Hacks coupon

  7. 67% off #Practical SQL Skills – $10

    SQL: Now learn key SQL skills with SQL Server to boost your career and/or make you more productive in your current job

    All Levels,  –   2.5 hours,  28 lectures 

    Average rating 4.2/5 (4.2 (72 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

    Course requirements:

    No previous SQL knowledge is needed or assumed
    Microsoft SQL Server Express (free download and course explains everything)

    Course description:

    This course is designed to give a detailed introduction to using and understanding structured query language (SQL) for manipulating business data. More and more companies rely on IT systems that store information in databases. This information is typically retrieved using SQL and its use is becoming widespread amongst not just IT teams but business users also.

    The course contains walk through videos, printed documents of the course material as well as links to resources you need to be able to carry out the course.

    The course is laid out over 3 levels starting with the very basics and assumes no prior SQL knowledge, right up to level 3 where we will be looking at Microsoft SQL Server specific functionality to really harness the power of a SQL database.

    If you need to access any data be it online or within your own company then this course is for you. Financial systems form the hub of any business these days and many job roles require some level of SQL ability. This course will equip you with the knowledge you need to perform these tasks within your business or employment to improve your prospects.

    Most business systems utilise some form of SQL database, typically Microsoft SQL Server which is why this course focuses on that particular product. Additionally we can download a free ‘express’ version of the product to work through the course.

    And the unconditional, Udemy backed, 30 day money-back guarantee is not just any old guarantee, it’s my personal promise to you that you will succeed … just like my thousands of other Udemy students.

    Full details
    Construct SQL queries to retrieve data
    Understand how relational databases work
    Harness the power of Microsoft SQL Server
    An employee working within a business that is looking to use SQL
    A business owner who needs to better understand and utilise the data being used within their business
    Someone looking to add SQL to their skills


    “Great beginner course, excellent instructor!” (Richard Ferlazzo)

    “Pivots and dynamic SQL make this a little more advanced.” (Eric Reid)

    “Easy to follow. I would have like to see some problems to solve by now” (Amanda Gosch)



    About Instructor:

    Gary Kind

    Gary Kind is a highly experienced IT professional and business owner with over 25 years in and around software development and 20+ years running businesses as an individual and in partnerships.
    He has a wide spread of business knowledge working in the SME sector as well as delivering KPI and financial reporting for large corporations. He has spent the past few years combining marketing with IT to cover areas such as pay per click, copywriting and conversion optimisation.

    Instructor Other Courses:

    Digital Marketing for Small and Medium Sized Businesses Gary Kind, Developer, Author, Marketeer (3) $10 $95
    Adwords for Beginners
    Learn Swift Programming to Make iOS Apps
    Gary Kind coupons
    Development course coupon
    Udemy Development course coupon
    Databases course coupon
    Udemy Databases course coupon
    Practical SQL Skills
    Practical SQL Skills course coupon
    Practical SQL Skills coupon

  8. 67% off #Learn Software Testing from Scratch – $10

    A Complete Guide to Master Software Testing Techniques

    Beginner Level,  –   4 hours,  19 lectures 

    Average rating 3.5/5 (3.5 (35 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

    Course requirements:

    Basic knowledge of computers and software development

    Course description:

    Software Testing is one of the most important and critical component of Software development life cycle. The testing team is ultimately responsible of Software quality and forms the bedrock before it goes out to actual users and to market place. Over the years with innovative development techniques the software testing and quality assurance field has undergone a sea change. With new techniques like TDD(Test driven development) taking hold in industry the software developers must understand the nuances of new approaches to software quality.

    We at Eduonix always provide our students easy to grasp cutting edge technology training and this fun new course is aimed to get our Software quality Assurance professionals and developers both a quick but comprehensive training in the field of Software Testing.

    This course of ours is divided into 8 main units:

    The first one introduces you to the basic software testing field.
    The second one teaches you to main software testing techniques
    The third one deals with the phases of testing
    The next one covers modern approaches to testing
    The fifth one covers the all important non functional testing and also teaches Metaspoilt
    You will also learn about testing peculiarities of different platforms
    The next two chapters cover automated testing and test driven development
    We also have provided sample documents for test plan and penetration testing

    So get this and a lot more in this amazing course. It is a must for both software developers and quality professionals.

    Full details
    To teach the software testing lifecycle
    To teach modern approaches to software testing
    To provide practical tips and tricks to QA professionals
    To teach complete testing process
    QA professionals
    Developers who like to understand testing techniques


    “A lot of good information but the delivery was poor. Course could have used better video editing and scripting to keep the lectures on track and make easier to follow.” (Adam Ashfield)

    “The audio quality seems to result from just a built-in laptop microphone. Keystrokes are audible. Also, the company logo on every single slide is a bit distracting. Content is interesting, though.” (Katrin Leinweber)

    “The narrative can come across a little dry, but the level of detail and knowledge is fantastic. Terms given with their alternatives makes everything relatable, which is really nice when learning testing methods you may already be familiar with.” (Christopher Lue)



    About Instructor:

    Eduonix Learning Soultions
    Eduonix-Tech .

    Eduonix creates and distributes high quality technology training content. Our team of industry professionals have been training manpower for more than a decade. We aim to teach technology the way it is used in industry and professional world. We have professional team of trainers for technologies ranging from Mobility, Web to Enterprise and Database and Server Administration.

    Instructor Other Courses:

    Projects In ReactJS – The Complete React Learning Course Eduonix Learning Soultions, 1+ Million Students Worldwide | 200+ Courses (17) $10 $40
    Implementing and Managing Hyper-V in Windows Server 2016 Eduonix Learning Soultions, 1+ Million Students Worldwide | 200+ Courses (1) $10 $20

    Learn to build an Auth0 App using Angular 2
    Youtube: Beginners Guide To A Successful Channel

    Learn To Build A Google Map App Using Angular 2
    Learn Web Development Using VueJS

    Eduonix Learning Soultions
    Eduonix-Tech . coupons

    Development course coupon
    Udemy Development course coupon
    Software Testing course coupon
    Udemy Software Testing course coupon
    Learn Software Testing from Scratch
    Learn Software Testing from Scratch course coupon
    Learn Software Testing from Scratch coupon

  9. 67% off #Build Your Startup with No Coding (Design, Develop & Ship) – $10

    Learn to design, structure, and deploy a SaaS startup with Bubble.

    All Levels,  –   8 hours,  82 lectures 

    Average rating 4.5/5 (4.5 (134 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

    Course requirements:

    No coding languages will be used.
    Development knowledge or experience not required.
    This course is for all types of learners, students, peers.

    Course description:

    Hello there! Are you entrepreneurial and yearning to build the next big thing without a developer? Have an idea in your back pocket that you want the world to see? Maybe you don’t like current solutions and want to build one on your own but without coding? That’s what this course is for – you’ll be able to develop your startup through harnessing the power of Bubble and exploring numerous apps that we’ll make together. (plus more apps will be made every month!)

    What is this course? If you’ve ever had a SaaS startup idea of your own that you really wanted to execute but didn’t have a developer by your side, then this course enables you to realize how to build it from design to shipment without writing a single line of code.

    Who’s teaching it? Good question. I’ve been involved with startups since I was 16. After founding, funding and exiting my own local commerce startup, I learned a thing or two. Currently, as a user experience lead at a well-funded startup and a passionate instructor, I’m helping people build their ideas themselves. 

    Why would I take it? There is nothing like the feeling that you can build anything. When I started learning web development, I felt overwhelmed by all that I had to learn though I still wanted to. If you’re ever felt that way or don’t have too much time to invest in learning, then this course will convince you that is very possible to take your ideas and make them into realities.

    What will I do? Once I get you caught up with a platform called Bubble, I’ll show you how you can not only design, but structure, architect and execute your startup ideas. Who knows? You could someday be a millionaire, all because you said yes to learning how to develop your startup without any coding. 

    How much time? Not much at all. The platform you’ll be using makes it easy not only for me to explain to you what things to consider when developing a startup, but also for you to pick things up and get going entirely on your own.

    What are you waiting for? Starting learning how to build your startup without any coding and tons of more apps with free lifetime updates! Looking forward to seeing you.


    Full details
    Developing with Bubble
    Structuring Data for Production
    Designing Interfaces and Experiences
    Architecting User Flows
    Integrating External APIs
    Deploying to the World

    Full details
    Entrepreneurs who want to build the next big thing
    Investors looking to quickly validate concepts
    Designers interested in making their work come alive
    Development beginners who seek to understand SaaS startups
    Anyone wanting to get into the rapidly-growing world of startups

    Full details


    “Explanations are clear. Videos have a more realistic approach in that the instructor gets real logic problems and shows how you can think of solutions to tackle them.” (Tigone Luhanga)

    “step by step process really useful. the example are progressively harder and it is the good methode. hope that the trainer will produce more tutorials on this” (Sompare Abdoulaye Chimere)

    “The presenter has a great knowledge on subject and he is not just teaching the subject instead teaching what a new user should know when building a start up . Very clear explanation. Highly recommended !!!!!!” (Harinda Danangalage)



    About Instructor:

    Salar Ali

    I love building and shipping beautiful products with fantastic teams. Teaching no-code development comes next.

    Instructor Other Courses:

    Salar Ali coupons
    Development course coupon
    Udemy Development course coupon
    Web Development course coupon
    Udemy Web Development course coupon
    Build Your Startup with No Coding (Design, Develop & Ship)
    Build Your Startup with No Coding (Design, Develop & Ship) course coupon
    Build Your Startup with No Coding (Design, Develop & Ship) coupon

  10. 67% off #Model and Texture a Stylized Dungeon for Games – $10

    Learn the skills to create amazing models and textures to build a stylized environment from start to finish!

    Intermediate Level,  –   6.5 hours,  41 lectures 

    Average rating 4.7/5 (4.7 (58 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

    Course requirements:

    Any recent version of Maya or 3ds Max (The course uses Maya LT, but a modern 3d modeling app and an understanding is needed)
    Any recent version of Photoshop (CC is used in the course)
    ZBrush 4R7, or any version that includes Dynamesh

    Course description:

    In this course we will be going through the process of creating a small stylized dungeon environment from the blockout stage to the final presentation. I will be guiding you through the process of modeling the low poly assets and show you different techniques of UVing. We will then take our assets into ZBrush where I will be showing how to define all the materials that you will find in this environment. We will use some of the ZBrush sculpts to render tiling texture flats that we can composite in Photoshop. I will then be guiding you through the process of painting the textures for a few assets so you can reproduce this process for the remaining models. Finally, we are going to set up a scene in Marmoset for the final presentation. By the end of this course, you should be able to create and understand the workflow that I use to create stylized environments like this one.

    (Students – please look under Section 1 / Lecture 1 downloads for the source files associated with the lesson.)

    More about the Instructor:

    Tobias Koepp is an accomplished environment artist in the games industry. He started his career as a student in the Netherlands where he had the chance to work as an intern at Guerilla Games for about half a year. He is now currently working on his first full-time job as a 3D artist at an outsourcing studio in Spain. I’ve always been fascinated by hand painted and stylized art and work hard to turn this passion into a job.

    Full details
    Model and sculpt stylized assets for games
    Define and paint stylized materials like metal, stone, and wood
    Sculpt and bake normal maps from a high poly asset down to a low poly object
    Create Tileable textures using ZBrush and Photoshop
    This course is for students that have a basic understanding of modeling, sculpting, and texturing that want to bring their stylized workflow to the next level. It’s also meant for those who have only purely painted their textures without using any normal map baking and will introduce this to their workflow.
    This course is not for people who expect a realistic-styled approach to the creation of an environment, as this will not be covered in this course.

    Full details


    “The lessons are clear and with lots of great detail. Great job.” (Jack Snowdem)

    “Very good course for getting insights in the pipeline of stylized GameArt!” (Traumwolf Dom Cabrinha)

    “Very useful course, shows all the techniques promised and visible at the beginning. Made me wanna try.” (Antony Jekov)



    About Instructor:

    3dmotive LLC

    3dmotive is High Quality 3d and Game Art Training by Industry Pros! Whether you are brand new to the world of Game Art, 3d, Architecture or Film – or maybe just interested in brushing up your techniques for intermediate or advanced levels of 3d with a focus on video games, 3dmotive is your one-stop-shop for all your 3d and Game Art related tutorials! Got questions? Interested in a new course topic? Let us know!

    Instructor Other Courses:

    Learn the Basics of Substance Painter 3dmotive LLC, High Quality 3d and Game Art Training by Industry Pros! (1) $10 $30
    Learn UV Mapping with Blender
    Publish Games on Android, iTunes, and Google Play with UE4
    3dmotive LLC coupons
    Development course coupon
    Udemy Development course coupon
    Game Development course coupon
    Udemy Game Development course coupon
    Model and Texture a Stylized Dungeon for Games
    Model and Texture a Stylized Dungeon for Games course coupon
    Model and Texture a Stylized Dungeon for Games coupon

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Unreliable Coupons

Currently 1 unreliable coupon
  1. 67% off #An 16 Hour C# Course With Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 – $10

    Quadruple Your Skills: Learn C# , Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, Debugging and SQL Server Basics!

    All Levels,  –   16 hours,  116 lectures 

    Average rating 4.3/5 (4.3 (489 ratings) Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course’s star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.)

    Course requirements:

    Course description:

    This comprehensive C# course is designed for beginner programmers, as you won’t be rushing through code. It focuses on the C# language rather than the graphical aspects of Windows programming. The focus at first is on simple Console applications. This course works with Visual Studio 2013, or Visual Studio 2015.

    You’ll learn in a detailed and deliberate way so you can set a foundation and move from basic to more advanced concepts easily.

    In addition to learning C#, you’ll also cover the Microsoft Visual Studio programming environment, which will serve as the perfect complement to your newfound C# skills.

    Learn C#, Visual Studio, and Object Oriented Programming

    Start Using the C# Programming Language to Work with Code and Data Through Simple Console Applications

    Understand the Microsoft Visual Studio Environment as It Relates to C#

    Apply the Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming to Data

    Enhance Your Programming Skills with a Foundation in C#

    Throughout this course, you’ll learn the core concepts of C#, which can then be applied directly to other popular programming languages, including C++, C, Java, and JavaScript.

    Contents and Overview

    You’ll start this course by learning the fundamentals of C# and Visual Studio, including configuring the layout, defining variables, interacting with users, and understanding data types, data conversions, and constants.

    To work with code in a more advanced way, you’ll tackle how to check simple conditions using if/else blocks, as well as how to use loops to do things like repeat blocks of code to work more efficiently.

    After covering various operators to evaluate and assign control structures, you’ll learn how to use arrays to store collections of data.

    Moving on to Object Oriented Programming, you’ll create objects that contain both data and functions to make your job even easier.

    By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid understanding of the most important aspects of C#, Visual Studio, and Object Oriented Programming.

    You’ll be able to use these new skills to advance your career as a programmer, as well as become a C# developer.

    Note: Promo template licensed from PRESENTERMEDIA

    Full details
    Find, download and install Visual Studio
    Create and run a simple console application
    Declare and initialize variables
    Learn how to use the locals and call stack windows in Visual Studio
    Learn how to step through a program line by line for maximum comprehension
    Learn how to perform arithmetic
    Learn to use various variable types
    Learn how to code for loops
    Learn how to code switch statements
    Learn how to construct simple classes
    Learn how to create objects, call functions, both object and static
    Learn how to use and code arrays for various data types
    Learn how to use the length property of arrays, and how to convert between data types
    Learn how to create a simple inheritance structure
    Learn how to call functions from client code
    Learn simple file writing and reading
    Learn how to create a simple application and install it on your computer
    Learn how to write generic classes and interfaces
    Learn how to work with Lambda expressions
    Learn how to work with SQL Server
    Learn how to use LINQ with Arrays and XML
    Learn how to use LINQ with SQL Server
    Learn how to update, delete, insert data with web pages and SQL Server
    Learn how to create and publish simple WPF apps
    Learn how to make simple Graphical User Interfaces and Display Files and Folders
    Learn how to work with threads
    Learn how to serialize and deserialize objects
    Learn how to create databases from code using the Entity Framework
    Learn how to create windows services
    Develop an Understanding of Windows Forms
    Understand How To Use Async and Await To Increase Program Responsiveness
    Learn How To Check for Existing Files and Append Text
    Learn How To Launch Another Program With C# Code
    Create Full Scale Applications That Synthesize Many Different Concepts
    Learn How To Work


    “Decent course so far, not for a beginner to programming languages but someone moving from knowing the basics of programming to C#.” (Maurits De Bruijn)

    “I got this course for my son and there could have been a bit more detail in it. I had to go back and show him more info on how the method calls work. – Hope this helps for your next videos.” (Jake Shovan)

    “Perhaps this is in fact not a short coming of this particular lesson series. but I would like to see more videos on putting these theories into practice.” (Devin Hernandez)



    About Instructor:

    Tom Owsiak

    Instructor Other Courses:

    Introduction To C# 6.0 With Windows Forms Tom Owsiak, Web, Math, Stats., and Physics Expert (17) $10 $40
    Basic SQL Programming With SQL Server 2016
    2D Vector Basics For Unity
    Tom Owsiak coupons
    Development course coupon
    Udemy Development course coupon
    Programming Languages course coupon
    Udemy Programming Languages course coupon
    An 16 Hour C# Course With Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
    An 16 Hour C# Course With Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 course coupon
    An 16 Hour C# Course With Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 coupon