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Learn to create really nice functionalies by learning the DOM in Javascript

All Levels,  –   Video: 3 hours,  31 lectures 

Average rating 4.6/5 (4.6)

Course requirements:

Basic JavaScript

Course description:

Are you a new JavaScript developer with basic understanding of the language?

Then this is course is for you

Are you looking for a refresh on JavaScript?

Then this is course is for you

Are you looking to increase your overall knowledge of JavaScript?

Then this course is for you and it for sure add some more knowledge to your existing one.

The JavaScript DOM is the big daddy in JavaScript and if you don’t know it well, you will not be that  effective when manipulating elements in your application.

The DOM stands for Object Document Model and it is a representation of your HTML document. The browsers grab the HTML and give it super powers by adding objects, methods and properties so that developers like you and me can access and manipulate elements.

The more you know about the DOM, the more features you will be able to create for your application. The more jobs will available for the take, the more projects you can create. 

Mastering the DOM will take your javaScript skill to another level. Knowing how to use the DOM will allow you to be more creative with you apps. 

Reasons to take this course!

Quick support to questions….
Private social group available for students only.
Project files included 
Lectures explained in a very fun way
The skills in this course will give your career future a boost

There many more reasons why you should take this course but let me give the last one, my students are happy with the courses and their instructor, look at some of the reviews I get in my other Javascript course


Byran Otieno

This is one of the VERY best instructor i have ever encountered! I have taken his other courses and they are just super! I have learnt javascript from other instructors but they are not as clear as Edwin’s. I have enjoyed all his courses and although am not a beginner in JS,I do enjoy his course as a refresher alot! Thank you Edwin


Theodore Steiner

Edwin Diaz is, bar none, the best teacher I have come across yet while taking a Udemy course


Mrs. Christine Lee

I love the energy and happiness of Edwin Diaz’s classes. He is one of the first instructors I search for when need to brush up or learn something new.


Aishwarya Sharma

The enthusiasm a student gets from instructor really matters and this was the most energetic and enthusiastic course I ever had. Really the energy level of instructor is appreciable.

Full details
At the end of this course students will master the DOM
At the end of this course students will be able to build feature rich applications more easily
At the end of this course students will be able to manipulate any element in their HTML
Students looking to improve their JavaScript skills should take this course
Students looking to upgrade to an intermediate JavaScript level should take this course


“To begin, I must say that I like very much Edwin’s energy and enthusiasm. Another very important point to me, because English is not my mother tongue, Edwin speaks clearly and I fully understand him.
For cons, I like least some less explanatory videos that could have been avoided or others in which it seems that Edwin recorded them without clear plan.” (Serge Molinari)

“Informative course. I found it easy to understand.” (Michael Rooney)

“A number of reasons:
– He spent an inordinate amount of time in the first two sections repeating himself over and over, showing the same concept of adding an attribute to a html dom element.
– No time spent explaining why, what or how you can accomplish things. e.g. he seems fond of querySelector vs getElementByClass. Why? No idea.
– He used Amazon’s web site to illustrate examples instead of a site created specifically for teaching the concepts. Amazon’s site is way too complicated to use as a teaching aid.
– Although he has many many lectures, some of them are quite literally just a few minutes long. Gives the idea of more content than you actually get.
– He spends time doing unnecessary things – like for instance in the last lecture, he wastes my time removing blank lines and formatting the code to his satisfaction.
All in all – the course wasn’t remotely worth the price. He seems like a nice guy and all – but I can’t recommend the course to anyone. I strongly suggest he refine his presentation.” (Thomas McNeill)



About Instructor:

Edwin Diaz

He is a professional who has experience in computer science; also a broad set of skills in software ,web development, and information technology.
Considered a Sensei in technology who trains people to become Ninjas in different programming languages. Equipped with so many skills and great personality, he thought, why not give this knowledge and help the rest of the world?
The passion, to teach and help other people, was something engraved in him since he was a little boy, so it’s only natural that it found expression. Edwin’s ability to transmit his energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge to other people allows him to do what he does best “Teach”.
Has taught 1000’s of people all over the world how to code. He has also built 100’s of apps, programs and websites for individuals and businesses. Has also provided one-on-one group training to individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations to help them manage their websites on their own with no knowledge of web coding.
Teaching is not just a job for Mr. Diaz but a way of life that continues to flourish every single day.
He now enjoys teaching others how to start coding in many different programming languages and spending time with his family.

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Javascript Intermediate level 1 – Mastering the DOM
Javascript Intermediate level 1 – Mastering the DOM course coupon
Javascript Intermediate level 1 – Mastering the DOM coupon

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